Plant a hybrid cacao tree and you will receive once a year at least  5 bars of 50 grams chocolate made of finest Cacaogrow cacao.

A sustainable gift for yourself or to a love one of your choice or present to someone else.

With individual planting certificate. Upon plantation survey mapping will be performed and provide you GPS data where your chocolate tree grows.

You own chocolate tree in Nueva Ecija, Philippines

For just 3,504.00 PhP, we will plant for you your very own fine cacao tree in a sustainably managed cacao farm in Laur, Nueva Ecija, Phlippines.  You can give it to yourself or to a loved one of your choice or present to someone else. Whether it is for Christmas, baptisms, or birthdays, the Chocolate tree makes the perfect gift. It is an individual present that grows with you with a long-term effect, a gift representing environmental protection and love of nature. .

We develop sustainable cacao farm plantations from the gift moneys of chocolate trees. With every purchase of Chocolate tree that we will plant for you, we will plant four more hybrid cacao trees on a leased private farm to augment the harvest proceeds and generate revenue for you or the presentee.

You will receive planting certificate of your chocolate tree and once a year you will receive at least 5 bars of 50 grams chocolate made of finest Cacaogrow cacao as your payout generated from investor profit share from net annual harvest yield which start at first harvesting onward, 2 years after planting time, until the end of 20 years contract period.Upon plantation a survey mapping will be done and you will receive the GPS or coordinate location where your chocolate tree grows. Moreover, we guarantee to maintain your tree for at least 20 years.

We are building sustainable Cacao farm and propagate more cacao trees – Join Us!


Decide how many Chocolate trees you want to build from us

Gift Chocolate tree  is now open for funding the plantation of fine cacao tree and hybrid cacao trees from gift moneys of Chocolate trees. The ratio of planting find cacao tree over hybrid cacao tree is 1:4. Fine cacao tree will be your chocolate tree while hybrid cacao trees will augment the yield of your harvest .

Planting Schedule

1st batch (June 2019): Minimum target 3 hectares of farm land for 4014 fine cacao trees + 12 hectares of farm land for  16056 hybrid cacao trees from gift moneys of 4014 Chocolate trees.

2nd batch (June 2020): Minimum target 5 hectares of farm land for 6,690 fine cacao trees + 20 hectares of  farm land for 26760 hybrid  cacao trees from gift moneys of 6,690 Chocolate trees and for each succeeding year thereafter.


Please see forecast of cost and return for  4 hectares of hybrid cacao tree plantations  that generates revenue for 1338 ChocolateTrees.

Tree to bar sequence process

1. Planting and Cultivation

2. Harvest, Fermentation & drying

3. Processing and Production

4. Deluxe quality chocolate

From tree to bar: single origin chocolate

          1. We develope farm lands for cacao cultivation, plant your ChocolateTree in our sustainably managed cacao farm in Nueva, Ecija, Philippines.  2. The cacao trees are carefully cared for for twenty years.  3. The cacao beans are then fermented and dried in cacaogrow processing facility. 4. Finally, the fine cacao beans are brought to our partner chocolate manufacturers who create deliciously fine chocolates.

ChocolateTree: ecological and social benefits

  • You will receive chocolate bars once in a year made from Cacaogrow farm which starts at form first harvest onward, 2 years after planting and growing time.
  • You receive a planting certificate with the GPS data where your cocoa tree grows
  • Your Chocolate tree grows in a guaranteed sustainable managed cacao farm on a lease private farm land.
  • Your Chocolate tree, a fine cacao or flavour type variety, contributes to environmental protection, promotes countrysides  development,  improve livelihood and create permanent and fair jobs in rural regions.

Please also read our risk disclaimer and our FAQ..


Sustainable and truly socially fair

Cacaogrow cocoa are grown in farm plantations which are sustainiably managed and tended on a lease private farm land, in a hilly terrain and mountain valleys together with various trees and inter crops plantations.  The mixed culture is crucial for the high quality of our cocoa, which you can smell, see and taste. Your cocoa tree is sustainably  cultivated, from the planting, until the cocoa harvest.

With your Chocolate Tree you help creating fair jobs with above-average income in rural regions in the Philippines .

Please also read our FAQs and also Risk Disclaimer..

Cacaogrow: Ecological and Social benifits

Create permanent jobs and more livelihoods opportunities

Promote countrysides development

Poverty allevation and income augmentation

Positive influence o the local and gobal climate

Education and training of the employees on a high level resulting in improved living perspectives