Risks And tips for dealing with risks!

Just like any investment, an investment in cocoa farm  carries risks, Crop failures resulting from threat of nature storm weather, drought, pest and diseases and chemicals. Other risk such as Trade chain issues , Poor quality, out of specification and residue. 

Preventive measures and risk management to fight these risks are addressed in the website section “Guide for Farming” how are those risk are being attended and controlled.

Our products are direct investments in natural resources (growing cocoa trees). For this reason, the final economic result is not yet known and can only be forecast by us. There is no guarantee for the payback of invested capital or for the forecast returns. Every interested person should consider this aspect in the process of decision-making.

Our products are not recommended to investors who have to be able to sell an investment at short notice. Since there is no stock market for our products, an individual sale of the direct investment prior to maturity cannot be guaranteed and may result in financial losses.

However, an investment in cocoa is by nature a rather conservative investment insofar as it is linked to real values. Ultimately you are investing in the production of agricultural goods (cocoa) and, thus, in a renewable resource that is much in demand. The cacaogrow website, brochures information deemed necessary by Cacaogrow to make a decision either for or against one of cacaogrow investment products. In our view the opportunities outweigh the risks.