What is CacaoGrow ?

CacaoGrow Agrofarm Inc. which we refer to as Cacaogrow in short is a new registered agri-business corporation in the Philippines with a primary business focusing in sustainable farm building and development for Cacao cultivation which aims to produce high yield and quality fermented dried cacao beans for both types of fine cacao and bulk cacao for wholesale and retail in domestic and global markets; development of supplementary nursery for cacao seedlings for the Corporaton’s requirements and for sale to other farms and farm holderes; and development of idle lands within the Philippines.

Who will manage Cacaogrow farm

Yes. We are registered as a corporation as CacaoGrow Agrofarm, Inc. . The Registration number to be announce or posted here.

Where is CacaoGrow farm located?

CacaoGrow Farm is located in Brgy. San Felipe, Laur, Gabadon, Nueva Ecija, Philippines. The location is considered as an ideal area for potential development for cacao plantation and other intercrops since the place is known to have been producer of green farm products such as onions and vegetables. Gabaldon is potentially wide valley and open hilly area suitable for agricultural development for cacao farm cultivation.

What are the differences between the two investment options?

Investment Program is similar to Profit sharing method based ond 65/35 ration-65% goes to investor and 35% goes to company ownership In return Cacaogrow gives you guaranteed share of profits. However, this is only limited to a term of 20 years.

What are CacaoGrow dividends?

Our dividends are in the form of profit sharing . The profit sharing depends on the positive outcome of the harvests or profits of the company. The decision to distribute the dividends will be coming from the board of directors only

Who will manage CacaoGrow Farm?

Cacaogrow grows as Cacaogrow Agrofarm, Inc. development expands. Founder/Manager Engr. Oscar B. Paragas – OFW for more than 20 years, who worked as Civil Structural Engineer, both design planning and engineering supervision with Project Management companies, Local and American Companies in Saudi and Qatar. The founder is an advocate of Financial Literacy, member of Overseas Financial planning, Investment and Entrepreneur based in Qatar. Deputy Manager for Operation and farm development, Engineer Joecil A. Paragas , Farm Manager, Joel Bunagin – A full time farmer, Technician/Farmers; 12 trained local farmers and 30-50 situational farmers who are locally available to response in situational deployment for mass plantation activities, round weeding and grass uprooting to complete the task in a period of a day or couple of days.

What are the risk of the company?

Just like other investment, CacaoGrow carries risk, Crop failures resulting from threat of nature storm weather, drought, pest and diseases and chemicals. Other risk such as Trade chain issues , Poor quality, out of specification and residue

Preventive measures and risk management to fight these risks are addressed in the website section “Guide for Farming” how are those risk are being attended and controlled.

Investment in cacao is conservative in nature since cacao has no substitute and considered as renewable source of high value crops that has potential growth in domestic and global market.

What will happen if I want to withdraw my investment?

For Investment Program, Cacaogrow guarantees the return of 100% of the total investment capital if the investor wants to withdraw or cancel his investment.

However, The investors can withdraw and cancel his investment after holding period of 7 years.

What is the Value of Return of investment the investors can expect?

You will find more information on the forecast cost and returns and the summary of financial analysis. Internal rate of return or IRR forecasted percentage is about 15% to 23% which is based on annual revenue shares derived from revenue of 19 hectares cacao farm with 22591 trees.

How can I claim my dividends?

We will get your bank details upon signing up. We will deposit any returns into this bank account.

Can I visit the farms?

Yes. We encourage you to visit the farms and experience the beauty of our farms.

Everyone is invited during the ground breaking ceremony before the start of development. All event will be published in cacaogrow website and social media so keep posted of any events. This is our company and your company as investors.

Do you follow good farming practices?

Yes. When we started the farm, the Good Agricultural Practices are followed and implemented. For more information, please refer to section of website link www.cacaogrow.com, Guide for farming

Do you implement organic fertilizer in the farm?

We strive to become an organic farm. We are only using organic fertilizers.and will strive in finding more means to grow our crops in a healthier manner which would benefit both the consumers and their products.

What will happen if Cacaogrow Farm goes bankrupt?

In the event of bankruptcy your investment is protected by the following shield.

Your investment is an investment in the real asset which has an actual actual farm area acquired with equivalent cost of 40% of the total investment cost.

Since the actual cost of investment for farm development is about 60% of the cost which was spent during the first year, the investment risk decreases during the investment period while the cost of real asset increases.

Stock Purchase Program will follow the Corporation Code of the Philippines. The company may buy back the stocks or pay the shareholders according to their number of shares and the value of the company.

Do you have contract agreement?

Yes. An investment contract for Investment under Financail program is being implemented. Investment proposal to Purchase stock is basically taken by stakeholders. However, we will inform our current investors in case pruchase of stock shares is available.

How to get current updates of the company?

Please visit our Facebook page link https://www.facebook.com/CacaoGrow/ and our beta version of website https://cacaogrow.com .We will also be sending regular newsletters in the form of email soon.

How to invest in Cacaogrow farm?

  1. To invest you will have to sign-up with our cooperative partner to be announce later. We wll send you email notification for bank details. After committing you can pay by bank deposit or remittance bank transfer, we will send you the contract agreement after confirmation of the deposited amount for your signature and records.
  2. To invest, You can pay directly your investment amount after signing of the contract agreement in two copies if transaction is made when both investor or Company founder/manager are present.
  3. Contract agreement will be notarized after full payment of the investment.

What do we see in our future?

As a company, we aim high in our business goals and future development. Cacao is profitable business opportunity in both local and international markets.

These are the goal we will be undertaking in the near future

To continue search for more farm lots nearby areas and neighboring areas in the region.

  1. Develop and manufacture cacao base products and other value added products.
  2. Establish Research and Development Center with advance technology to improve cacao production.
  3. Establish links to global markets