Investing in sustainable farm building for Fine Cacao Cultivation

          Finecacao is sustainable farm building and development for the production of fine cacao in the Philippines. In the international market there is an increasing demand of Fine Cacao. The market value for sustainably produced cacao is, when compared to the prices of conventional bulk cacaoa, much higher and consistently stable. Cacaogrow develops  cacao farm for planting  high-quality fine cocoa for you in the Philippines, together with other shade-giving trees. Protected by other  trees and plants and intercrops the fine cacao trees are sustainably cultivated and tendered. A sustainable and profitable cacao farm plantation system

An investment in sustainable fine cacao cultivation starts at

50,000 PHP

for an area of 460 sq meters you will be benefited from the revenues generated from the production of fine cacao and receive regular payouts from the sale of cacao beans prospectively at first harvesting onward, 2 years from planting time,until the end of contract period of 20 years..

We are building farm for fine cocoa – Join us!

This is how your sustainable investment works

You decide how much fine cacao farm you want to build with us.

Quantity scale

0.0456 ha,= 50,000 PhP, 0.1 ha = 109,168 PhP, 0.2 ha = 210,236 PhP, 0.3 ha
= 328,854 PhP,  0.4ha = 438,473 PhP, 0.5ha = 548,091 PhP, 0.6ha = 657,710 PhP,  .7ha = 767,328 PhP, 0.8ha = 876,946 PhP, 0.9ha = 986,565 PhP, 1ha = 1,096,183 PhP : 1 ha = one hectare

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Investing in sustainable Farm development for Fine cacao plantation and cultivation

Minimum investment in a cacao farm development at 50,000PHP. for an area of 460 sq meters

We plant high-quality fine cacao. The cacao farm is sustainably tended and managed by us for the contract term of prospectively 20 years. High-quality cocoa varieties are cultivated and harvested while adhering to the highest social standards.

Your Cacaogrow contract under each batch of farm which comprise of 19 hectares for development consists of single contract which includes cost of initial land lease from private land lender for two years, the development of cacao farm and management and administrative expenses for two years as startup expenses of the project.

Partnership profit sharing ratio with this direct investment is 45/20/35 percent of the net revenue (45% for investors, 20% for land shared lease, 35 % for company royalty and marginal profit. The forecast revenue for one hectare of farm land with 1338 trees plantation provides return of approximately 6% to 21% (IRR*, normal investment development. The payout depends on the  prevailing price of dried fine cacao beans at the time of selling, Thus the payout varies and can not be guaranteed to have a fixed price. 

Payout of profit share of investors for first harvest onward, which will start two years after planting time will be transferred to the bank account as indicated by you.

For detailed information please see our Cacaogrow finecacao brochure.

Video show how to grow cacao and find out more about technique of cocoa cultivation with this video to achieve more production. 

Yield development model and forecasts

Philippine cacao farming for grafted cacao seedlings  and intended method of cacaogrow agrofarm management we expect the cacao trees to bear fruits 2 years after planting, and thus in first harvest approximately  1524 kilograms of fine cocoa per  hectare .with the  current price range from 200PhP to 500PhP per local in the local market. If we were able to sell at low price of 200PhP per kilogram the expected % of IRR for investors is 6%. If we were able to sell at 400PhP, the % IRR for investors  is 12% per harvest year 

In year five on, we expect to harvest 1900 kilograms of fine cacao per hectares. With the current price range from 300PhP to 500PhP we are able to sell at price of 500PhP per kilogram, the expected %IRR for the investor will range from 11% to 21%  per harvest year, which starts 2 years after planting onward, until the end of 20 years contract period. 

The calculated returns are based on forecast harvests and sales of fine cocoa until the end of 20 years contract period.

Please read spreadsheet data for details of Fine cacao forecasted Cost and Return


Click here to enlarge! A detailed description of the opportunities and risks of this investment can be found in our Cacaogrow finecacao brochure.


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From seedlings to cacao farm


From cacao farm

Planting cacao seedings

Cacao fruits after harvest

Fermentation of cacao beans

Drying cacao beans

Intercrops for cacao shades


Create permanent jobs and more livelihoods opportunities

Promote countrysides development

Poverty allevation and income augmentation

Positive influence o the local and gobal climate

Education and training of the employees on a high level resulting in improved living perspectives