fine cacao (Criollo) rare flavor variety

In the Philippines, there are three major cultivar groups being grown by farmers. These are theCriollo, Forastero, and Trinitario cultivars.

Cacao has long been divided into three varieties: Criollo, Forastero, and Trinitario. Conventional wisdom would have you believe that Criollo is the best, Forastero the lowest quality, and Trinitario in the middle. Maybe you dream of a pure Criollo, while dismissing Forastero as the cheap stuff used by the big manufacturers.

But this isn’t the full story. There are at least ten recognised cacao varieties (and probably many more). And what we think we know about the big three isn’t really accurate.

The Criollo is considered as the most prized, rare and expensive variety. It is native to Central and South America. According to Bureuau of Plant industry in the Philippines, the 1st cacao seed planted in the Philippines was the Criollo variety brought viathe Acapulco. Manila GalleonTrade in 1670. Only 5% of the world’s  cacao production is Criollo. This variety is difficult to grow,as extremely susceptible to pests and diseases. The beans are white to pale pink incolour and recognized as a superior quality, less bitter and more aromatic.Considered as the“Prince of Cocoas,” Criollo is an ingredient in premium chocolates.

Criollo is the best variety. There are fewer Criollo plantations and they have a lower yield because the plant is less resistant to disease. This makes it rarer and more expensive. Perhaps the abundance of Forastero and the relative scarcity of Criollo influence how we think of the varieties.

Forastero is said to have a powerful, less aromatic flavour that can sometimes be bitter or acidic. But this variety results in a full-bodied chocolate that some prefer.

Criollo is often described as being mildly acidic and rarely bitter. Criollo fans say it has a mild taste with secondary aromas of nuts, caramel, fruit, and tobacco.

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