The Power of Giftfinecacaotrees

The Power of Giftfinecacaotrees


GiftFinecacaotree is a gift type of investment perfect for small money investors from all walks of life to venture in cacao. For just 3,486 PhP you acquire a fine cocoa tree or give this precious tree that is part of growing cacao farm in the northern Philippines to the loved one of your choice or as a gift to someone else. Whether it is for Christmas, baptisms, or birthdays,or other special occasions, the GiftFinecacaotree makes the perfect gift. It is an individual present that gives back and grows with you with a long term effect, a gift representing environmental protection and love of nature and social fairness. You will receive a planting certificate. Upon completion of plantation survey mapping will be performed and provide you GPS or coordinate data where your gift fine cacao tree grows.
Unlike mere charitable tree adoptions based on donations, the GiftFinecacaotree can do more: a GiftFinecacaotree contributes to environmental protection and promotes country side’s developments. Moreover, it generates revenue for you or the presentee.

Concept of Giftfinecacaotree

Cacaogrow provides opportunity to small earner or small money investors from all walk of life to own a fine cacao tree and as part owner of fine cacao plantation in partnership with Cacaogrow. The partnership ratio is 45/20/35 percent of the net revenue. 45% for investors, 20% for farm lender and 35% for company royalty and marginal profit. Cacaogrow will perform the farm development , management and administrative services of cacao plantation and cultivation for a term of 20 years, and the harvest and sale of cacao. Farm development includes seedling propagation, re-planting, post planting and harvesting and other incidental activities including pest management, farm management and training of all far workers and technicians to achieve successful implementation of Fine cacao project.

The power of Giftfinecacaotrees

Giftfinecacaotree is sustainable gift tree type of investment of cocoa farm investments. IF any individual member of community, group or if the total of 10,000 FB fans, converted their like to individually purchased a Giftfinecacaotree, the moneys from Giftfinecacaotree can build a cocoa farm of 30 hectares that will generate annual payout from harvested products of up to 21% of your investment.You own the trees that you build with us that is renewable at the end of 20 years period. To learn more or make order online click or message us below.

Join us and invest with us!!! Together we grow and shape the future tree by tree.

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